Unless you’ve been living a stone for the last year you’ve no doubt heard of Joe Wicks. The food and fitness extraordinaire currently holds the top three places on Amazon’s converted best-selling list with his Lean in 15 trilogy – something no other non-fiction author has ever done before.

A little over 18 months ago Joe, aka @thebodycoach, was a personal trainer with a few thousand followers, now he’s literally a global phenomenon. That’s an impressive achievement.

So what’s all the fuss about?

It’s simple. Simplicity is the secret ingredient. In each book there are a series of nutritious, tasty, quick and affordable meals. From burgers to curries, everyday food we all love, just made simple and healthy. Each recipe is less than a few hundred words, easy to follow and most importantly of all easy to find in a supermarket. There are a few staple components that you’ll need to stock up, such as ginger, chilli, garlic and coconut oil, and then it’s all about accessorising around the core ingredients. He doesn’t skimp on desserts either, there are protein pancakes, smoothies that taste just like Snickers bars and even brownies. All just as tasty as the real thing, much better for you and surprisingly much easier to make. It almost defies logic.


However, what happens in the kitchen is only part of what Joe calls a ‘lifestyle choice’. This isn’t a diet book, in fact the D word is never mentioned, it’s about eating well and putting some serious effort into a fitness routine. Drawing on a mix of GVT (German Volume Training) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) the workouts are hard, but once again pretty simple. So simple that you actually you don’t even need a gym to do them in, just a large space a few loose weights.

Ok, so I’m all out of excuses, but if you’re still not convinced check out Joe’s YouTube channel for a free taster.

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