Safety and looking good are rarely considered roomies. Let’s face it from life jackets to high visibility vests not much in the world of health and safety is built for style. That was until Hedon arrived, the brain child of Lindsay and Reginald the team behind some of the most aesthetically pleasing headgear on the market.

Looking beyond the conventional style a Hedon helmet is to a café racer rider what a Brooks saddle is to cyclists, a necessary accessory.

Uniquely created each Hedon helmet brings together a fine blend of the old and the new, created using traditional craftsmanship along with modern technology. Constructed with carbon and fibreglass and ECE 22.05 certified, you can be assured there is no style isn’t a substitute for substance.

The Hedon Heroine is the British company’s latest release and comes in two models. The Heroine, designed to be used with goggles and the Heroine Racer, featuring the traditional integrated flip up visor.

Even if you don’t own a motorcycle, or a license to ride one, the Heroine is worth buying just to stare at all day.

You can purchase at Hedon prices start from £499

Images courtesy of Hedon, @mjstudio_uk and @mromannovsky



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