There’s a real skill in merging old with the new. Taking something old and tired that was once cutting edge and straight off the production line and giving it a new lease of life isn’t something that tends to come cheaply. Classic cars being a great example.

However, restoring a classic car is one thing, but completely reimagining it is something else.

This is why Singer Vehicle Design and the cars they produce are so special. Take the coolest, most iconic car ever built and reimagine it. In a smallish workshop in California that is exactly what Singer Vehicle Design is doing to the Porsche 911.

Firstly, lets be clear Singer are not building cars, they are resurrecting what have become tired and in the main exhausted 911s (964 models, usually made from 1989-1994). Taking the base model of the 911 it is then stripped. The parts and components that make it back onto the final product are meticulously cleaned and refreshed to the best possible standard.  However, much of the car is replaced and additions such as new carbon-fiber panels are added that make it look much more like an early long-nose 911 in design and obviously much lighter in weight.

Whatever doesn’t go back on is replaced with the best possible replacements, and the car mechanics are an an engineers dream, with a rough estimate of the engine rebuild hitting a six-dollar figure.

When it comes to the interior it’s more super yacht than car. Every level of detail, every component, in fact every single aspect has been thought through and reimagined. The Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer is basically the car that every 911 fan would like if they had a blank cheque. Perfection doesn’t come cheap or very quickly with costs in the region of $500k and a waiting list that will take you 18 months to reach the front of.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 20.18.16

The founder and heartbeat behind Singer is former musician and Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson. Making the transition from one wheel to four fulfilled a lifelong ambition for the 911 purest, and the results are astoundingly beautiful and functional. This is a car you could drive everyday, in theory it’s a new car, but with the very best bits of the previous one.

On paper Singer Vehicle Design shouldn’t make sense, but they certainly do.

More can be found on the Singer Vehicle Design website.

All images are credited to Singer Vehicle Design.

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